Top 10 Tips for 21 Day Fix Travel

Travel_21DFI have been doing research on traveling with the 21 Day Fix for a challenger of mine because that’s how this coach rolls. Lots of great information is out there, but I know my friends and (hopefully) my challengers pretty well. So this information is Shannon-style.

So let’s get on a plane and not gain 5 pounds. MMMM k?

  1. Make a travel-friendly meal plan that takes into account your food-out or conference-food situation.  Keep in mind that you might not have any control over those meals, so make sure you have snacks ready to fill the void if you end up with a creamy Beef Stroganoff as your only option. (See this blog post about my Disney meal plan). Do as much up front planning as you can without getting crazy.
  2. PRINT YOUR MEAL PLAN out and put it in your wallet. Check mark what you’e eaten as you go and use it like a map to navigate your day. Bust it out when you can’t recall what you should be eating next. This is important. You will eat anything in front of you when you are hungry.
  3. Take what you can. You don’t want to find a grocery store when you’re there. In fact, you don’t want to have to think about this stuff when you’re there. In my Disney plan I had a lot of simple foods like carrots, grapes, etc. Look at your 21 DF containers list and plan the easiest small-refrigerator snacks you can. Think kid-lunchbox style.
  4. Make sure you DO have a fridge at your hotel. Call those folks and confirm.Bring small freezer packs and a small insulated lunch bag to carry your snacks around.
  5. Drink water. All day. Lots of it.
  6. Bring this almond butter and an apple for your purse as an emergency back-up plan or work it into your plan as a purple and nut butter (orange container). Do NOT get the maple, vanilla, hazelnut or any of that nonsense. That is a treat. Classic only.
  7. Work a bar of some kind into every day and pack them all in your purse. Easy peasy. My suggestion? The KIND jalepeno bar.  If not that, Larabars are generally good. They have whole foods and no fake crap. But there’s sugar to boot in them, so count them as a purple and a yellow… I know that isn’t an exact science, that’s just what I do:).
  8. Work out. Just freaking do it. Bring resistance bands and bust it out in your hotel room or in your hotel workout room. Use Beachbody On Demandon your phone or put your DVDs in your lap top and get ‘er done:).
  9. If you are going out to eat, just block out the container colors you have available… one yellow, one green, one red… that sort of thing. Download the 21DF app onto your phone and check “containers” when you’re scanning the menu to see what lines up with what you have planned.
  10. Don’t stress. If you make a mistake, have one too many drinks, whatever! Move on to the next great choice, the next positive step in the right direction. Forgive, don’t forget and MOVE ON!


Hi, I'm Shannon. I like to write about tough girls and tough things because I find strength to be an interesting and inspirational topic. My husband, Vic is my favorite person and my children, Emerson and Finley are right up there too. I am a disability mother and advocate. A woman-loving, lean-in type. And a fitness coach and cheerleader.

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