The Theory of Goodness

The Theory of Goodness

I’ve been thinking about health a lot lately. It has become a huge part of my life – keeping my body and mind healthy. My friend Nakeia is one of the wisest and coolest women I know and recently over lunch we were discussing how people put trash in their mouths and in their minds and somehow expect great things to still come from both. I’m guilty too, don’t get me wrong. I’ve read my share of US Weekly and had more than a dozen donuts in my day. But there is no wisdom in the act of self destruction, especially when it could easily be changed.

I’m calling it “The Theory of Goodness”. (If you’re a philosophy nut, I’m not talking about that theory). You put good in, you get good out. Simple as that. It isn’t new.

It seems to be the same for a lot of what we do – taking for granted our health and our relationships when we don’t put much into either. In the blink of an eye, though, we can suddenly feel the deep consequences for our neglect. When a friend no longer turns to you for guidance or support, but rather someone else. When your spouse no longer shares the details of their day because you don’t show interest. When your body starts to show signs of issues that could have been prevented. And suddenly we are motivated. Ready to make the changes needed to see the results we want.

Women know this all too well. Healthy eating and exercise are initially so easy when our bodies reach a point we can’t stomach any longer. Making changes at first is simple, and then when we see the slightest improvement we reward ourselves with the things that we know aren’t good for us. We pat ourselves on the back and eat a donut. And then we go back to our “normal” ways and the cycle continues.

But, its not just about weight loss with health. It is so much more. When you start focusing on your health you also learn how to put positive things into your brain. If you don’t, you might as well stop working towards your goals. You can’t feed your brain nonsense and expect it to be strong when faced with tough choices… like french fries. It is the part of your body that requires the most exercise.

Some of my religious friends who work with me in the fitness world often bring up the verse from First Corinthians that says our bodies are not our own, they are a temple for the holy spirit. I could not agree more. Our bodies hold everything that is important including our souls and our hearts. Why does it take a health crisis or a moment of self doubt to decide that you should treat your body with more respect and care? Making lifestyle changes in health is not something easily done. It takes a willpower and a strength that needs to be matched by lifestyle changes in your thoughts.

Find a way to make those changes that aren’t easy, but are necessary to keep your temple and your spirit strong. For me, it is all about other people and the strength I feel when I’m working towards goals with friends in a like-minded community. It fuels my brain with encouragement and positivity. It gives me something good to read and do. And I’m pushed to work on who I am every day. If that sounds like something you want or need, let me know. I’d love to have you join me in this journey.

Whatever you do, pay attention to the important things in your life – your mind, your body, your relationships. The stronger they are, the better you’ll be. Good gets good.