21 Day Fix & Body Beast Meal Planning Tools

Every few months my brain gets tired of the way I do meal planning and I need to change it up. I’m a chronic desk re-organizer, so this is pretty standard Shannon-brain stuff. I find that the newness of it sort of inspires me to get excited all over again.

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What I Love About Wheelchairs


{Finley at Wheelchair Tennis clinic in Portland, Oregon. The chair allows him to play a sport! HOLLA!}

I will never forget the first time I pondered the idea of my …Continue Reading

Surgery & The Dam


{Finley after his most recent surgery in December 2014}

“Your child needs to have surgery.”

Say those words to yourself and get a feel for how heavy they are. If you have kids, you have no doubt …Continue Reading

Accidental Love

My firstborn was due on Valentine’s Day of 2007. I was 23 years old and scared to death. She made my life what it is today. And not in simply the “kids change your life” kind of way. More along the lines of, “oh shit. I’m pregnant” kind of way. I went into false labor …Continue Reading

Responsibility & Disability

“I want to live in a world where we don’t have such low expectations of disabled people that we are congratulated for getting out of bed and remembering our own names in the morning. I want to live in a world where we value genuine achievement for disabled people.” – Stella Young, Disability Advocate

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Top 10 Tips for 21 Day Fix Travel

Travel_21DFI have been doing research on traveling with the 21 Day Fix for a challenger of mine because that’s how this coach rolls. Lots of great information is out there, but I know my friends and (hopefully) my challengers …Continue Reading

Dear Parents of Disabled Kids – Let’s Start Forgiving More

Last year my son Finley and I had a frustrating interaction with a woman at our local pool. He was in his wheelchair and her daughter was pointing and kid-whispering (you know – talking freaking …Continue Reading

Home Gym for a Normal Girl

Home Gym for a Normal Girl

When I first started working out regularly back in August I did so in front of my TV in the living room. It was fine, but I was dragging free weights and resistance bands out daily and then making sure no one else needed the space. I felt like it just wasn’t meant for me. I also …Continue Reading

Celebrating OI! A Year of Reflection

Celebrating OI! A Year of Reflection

At the end of each year we mark the highs, the accomplishments, and the good times in a number of ways. From Facebook “top 10” lists to jars filled with memories of the year. Reflecting is a way to pack up these four seasons and move on. For families with disabilities, this is not …Continue Reading

Meal Planning for Disneyland: CHURRO WARS!

Meal Planning for Disneyland: CHURRO WARS!

Our family leaves for Disneyland and Legoland on Sunday BRIGHT and EARLY. I should not say bright, really. Its going to be 4am when we leave our house so let’s say DARK and EARLY. I am ever so excited! Our kids loved visiting Disney during Christmastime a couple of years back and now we’re adding …Continue Reading