Meal Planning for Disneyland: CHURRO WARS!

Meal Planning for Disneyland: CHURRO WARS!

Our family leaves for Disneyland and Legoland on Sunday BRIGHT and EARLY. I should not say bright, really. Its going to be 4am when we leave our house so let’s say DARK and EARLY. I am ever so excited! Our kids loved visiting Disney during Christmastime a couple of years back and now we’re adding LEGO. Finley is finally tall enough to go on most of the rides, which adds another layer of coolness. Having Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) affects your height, but the dude is over 40 inches and that means ROLLER COASTERS!

I am determined to not let my trip to the Churro capitol of the upper Americas hinder my progress in health and nutrition. I am pretty convinced that trips have a huge derailing effect on many women. We go on vacation, make all kinds of choices that lead to what seems like immediate weight gain and then throw our hands in the air and say, “Well shoot, why do I even try!?” It is intimidating and you don’t want your family to think you are a crazy person for trying —you know—to not eat bad. Gasp! 

I have certainly faced some criticism. “Why not just live a little? Enjoy your vacation!”  The thing is, when you’ve lost weight, when you have energy, when you are stronger than ever and this is just your lifestyle, you really don’t find joy in eating nonstop nonsense. I’m not hugely vain. I don’t want to be a bikini model. But I also don’t wake up at 5:30am every morning and plan the rest of my meals to let five days of fun send me back a few weeks. It just doesn’t make sense. Eating everything that sounds good to my sweet tooth is no longer my life.

Do I plan on having a Churro and an ice cream cone sometime in there? Why yes, I do. I shall let the Churro spirit move me on that one, though. Not working it into a spreadsheet. But to help me make good choices and feel prepared, I have planned my meals for the entire trip. My nerdy, gorgeous, hilarious, Disney-loving husband, Vic, kicked ass at planning our trip using (If you are planning a Disney trip, DO IT! – Best $8 you’ve spent in a long time). So I have an agenda with restaurants built in. I’ve checked the menus where I can (NOT in LEGO Land… thanks Emmet. Everything is not awesome) and I’ve built in the rest with one stop at a Trader Joe’s near my hotel in Carlsbad and will improvise at the other stops we make based on my needs for that meal (veggie, protein, etc.). So without further ado, here is my LEGO Land and Disneyland meal plan.

Looks pretty tasty to me! I know I won’t be 100% successful. I am well aware that this will not all go according to plan. But that is fine! I will keep on keeping on and know that I’ve got a plan for the next meal.

I’ll check in with my progress as the week goes on. And working out by the pool if I can. Because yeah. I’m tough like that.TG_Disney_Lego_Meal

Tough girls don’t let Churros win! 🙂



Hi, I'm Shannon. I like to write about tough girls and tough things because I find strength to be an interesting and inspirational topic. My husband, Vic is my favorite person and my children, Emerson and Finley are right up there too. I am a disability mother and advocate. A woman-loving, lean-in type. And a fitness coach and cheerleader.

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