The Race Conversation with Kids

On Wednesday while at the Oregon Zoo with my kids, a little boy saw my son, Finley, in his wheelchair and said loudly—as kids do—“Mom, look at that kid in the wheelchair. I feel so bad for him.”

I have to be honest, these moments are exhausting and frustrating. Educating people around me about …Continue Reading

Money Diet



You know that little American-ism about Target? The one that us middle-class gals giggle about. “Does anyone ever walk into a Target to buy the one thing they needed without a handful of other things they don’t?” …Continue Reading

Restless Life Syndrome – Jack’s Lament

Restless Life Syndrome – Jack’s Lament

This weekend I watched one of my favorite movies of all time, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” My kids are scared of this Tim Burton classic, so Vic and I watch it on adult time. I should be ashamed of that, but I also listen to Star Trek podcasts, so whatever. The premise of Nightmare is …Continue Reading

The Precious Body

The Precious Body

Last week Finley (my son, six years old) let me know that a girl in his class laughed at him for being short. Quite literally that simple. He said, “She just said, ‘You’re short! HAHA!’”.

Finley will always be short. Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a form of dwarfism. And while he may get to 5 feet tall, that …Continue Reading

The Negative Body Image Diet

The Negative Body Image Diet

Disclaimer: I am going to use the world bullshit approximately 72 times in this blog post.

I regret to report that it has taken me about three decades to really see the connection between how much bullshit I consume about body image and how much I pinch my own love handles. I am slow. No doubt you, dear …Continue Reading

Starting over. For good.

I’ve been absent for a while. And not just in my writing endeavors, but in a lot of other ways. I haven’t been a great friend—in fact I’ve been kind of the anti-friend. I haven’t been putting my best and brightest towards my job, letting small setbacks define the experience of productivity and success. And …Continue Reading

Kids + Weekends + Screens

Weekends can be rough when it comes to screen time. Especially when it’s not sunny outside, or when you have a kid with severe summer allergies or one with a physical disability. I don’t personally have the luxury of sending my youngest outside to just “be a kid” and build forts or run around on …Continue Reading



Friday May 6 is “Wishbone Day”—an international celebration and awareness day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta, the disease my son Finley experiences. We ask our friends and family to wear yellow on that day and if they can, …Continue Reading

21 Day Fix & Body Beast Meal Planning Tools

Every few months my brain gets tired of the way I do meal planning and I need to change it up. I’m a chronic desk re-organizer, so this is pretty standard Shannon-brain stuff. I find that the newness of it sort of inspires me to get excited all over again.

I like perfecting the practice …Continue Reading

Top 10 Tips for 21 Day Fix Travel

Travel_21DFI have been doing research on traveling with the 21 Day Fix for a challenger of mine because that’s how this coach rolls. Lots of great information is out there, but I know my friends and (hopefully) my challengers …Continue Reading