My tough self

This year I decided to become a badass. Like a total boss who could handle just about anything. To be fair, I have spent a good portion of my time on the planet trying to be a strong girl. The daughter of a bad ass, I came by it pretty naturally, but life got interesting when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant at 22 with a new boyfriend. It got even crazier when we had another baby (planned this time – progress!) who has a genetic bone disease. I’ve lived my little life trying to react to every surprise and unexpected turn with strength. Not always achievable, but, life goals here. Back to this year. I’ve been in a good place in my mind and my heart for years, but I am 32 years old and never once have I felt satisfied with my physical health.  That’s just nonsense. I’m a middle class American girl with access to YouTube and Farmer’s Markets—time to get this on lock. So I found a Facebook challenge group with like minded women and started making nutrition and fitness a priority. I’m so happy with the balance I’ve found and wanted to make inspiring other women to be major bad asses part of my life. That’s where Tough Girl’s Guide comes in. Here I’ll be learning from other badass women, sharing the tough and cool things that happen in my life and more about my fitness transformation.


Hi, I'm Shannon. I like to write about tough girls and tough things because I find strength to be an interesting and inspirational topic. My husband, Vic is my favorite person and my children, Emerson and Finley are right up there too. I am a disability mother and advocate. A woman-loving, lean-in type. And a fitness coach and cheerleader.

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