21 Day Fix & Body Beast Meal Planning Tools

Every few months my brain gets tired of the way I do meal planning and I need to change it up. I’m a chronic desk re-organizer, so this is pretty standard Shannon-brain stuff. I find that the newness of it sort of inspires me to get excited all over again.

I like perfecting the practice of meal planning because it can be so damn hard and I see people constantly working their buns off for a whole lotta nothing because they eat crap. Or they forgot what they ate. Or they didn’t plan what they would eat. On and on. Food is not just half the battle – IT IS the battle when it comes to weight loss.

Here is my latest tool, which I am super excited about! I  find myself constantly out in the world and needing to make a last minute change to my plan. Or at work and realizing that I actually hate cucumbers. Regardless, changes are rough when you don’t have your plan handy. Apps are great, but I like something I can write on. Plus, these handy cards have all of the 21 Day Fix and Body Beast food categories listed on the back for easy access. Last minute changes are so much easier when you have the knowledge in your hands. Also I can’t make food decisions when I’m hungry AND don’t have the information easily available. At that point, the answer is always Taco Bell.

Take your meal plan and foods from 21 Day Fix List or Body Beast List with you!
Take your meal plan and foods from 21 Day Fix List or Body Beast List with you!

These cards fit nicely into my planner or folded down into my wallet. Below is a PDF download for Body Beast and the 21 Day Fix. I hope you find them useful too! I put shapes in the food groups key for Body Beast because there are no color categories in that program. I kept them on the 21 Day Fix card so you could use shapes instead of colors when indicating which category you’re using for that meal or snack. Make sense? If not, here’s a picture.

FullSizeRender 10

If you don’t have access to a double-sided printer, you can print the front on its own and cut them up, then simply keep the back printed up and with you so you can reference it.


Body Beast Meal Cards: Download PDF

21 Day Fix Meal Cards: Download PDF


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