Strength Lesson: Create a Vision

Strength Lesson: Create a Vision

For my first “Tough Girl” interview I talked with my mom, Terry Diane. My original tough girl. Mom can drive me crazy like no other and I know I have the same effect back at her. But we are connected with a fierce intensity as well. I’m a mama’s girl for better or worse. She …Continue Reading

My tough self

This year I decided to become a badass. Like a total boss who could handle just about anything. To be fair, I have spent a good portion of my time on the planet trying to be a strong girl. The daughter of a bad ass, I came by it pretty naturally, but life got interesting …Continue Reading

Neutral Fall Mantle


Tough girls have got to decorate too, y’all! I don’t know about you people, but I like to shop my house constantly to create new pretty combinations. These damn built-ins were the best/worst idea I’ve ever had. …Continue Reading